Barnyard Dance

Part of the Storytime Saturdays Series

Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton

Join us for a farm adventure as I read aloud Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. This book is perfect for young learners ages 2-6 since it incorporates movement, sounds, and vocabulary. Plus, it’s a great story to use when learning about farm animals, sounds that animals make, and action verbs!

Recommended Songs

Old MacDonald: Focuses on farm animals and the sounds they make in English.

Farm Animals Song: Practices animal vocabulary and the sounds they make in English.

Animal Sounds Song: Practices even more animal vocabulary and the sounds they make in English.

Online Games

Animal Recognition Game: Perfect for the youngest learners to practice vocabulary and farm animal recognition.

Farm Animal Sounds Game: Match the animals to their sounds!

Create Your Own Farm: This is a fun game for all young learners.

Farm Animals Memory: This game requires word recognition skills so it should be played by children who can recognize words or with adult help.

Farm Animals Memory: This is a different version than the game above. it also requires word recognition skills.

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