Hand-washing Finger Play and Sing Along

Part of the Finger Play and Fine Motor Fridays Series

Hand-washing has always been important! But right now, teaching kids how to properly wash their hands is even more important with the pandemic we are experiencing. This song and finger play is designed to practice hand-washing in a fun way and help kids remember all of the steps!


Wet, wet, wet your hands. Do it just like me. Splash the water on your hands. Now repeat with me.
Scrub, scrub, scrub your hands. Do it just like me. Add the soap and scrub, scrub, scrub, and now repeat with me.
Rinse, rinse, rinse your hands. Rinse them just like me. Rinse with lots of water, and now repeat with me.
Dry, dry, dry your hands. Dry your hands with me. Use a nice clean towel, and now your hands are clean.


Teachers can use the song as part of the daily routine upon arriving at school, after using the toilet, and before mealtimes. Parents can use the song at home to reinforce hand-washing throughout the day.

Important vocabulary from the song is also incorporated into an image gallery for you to review with children!

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