Space Yoga

Part of the Magical Movement Mondays Series

Our first Magical Movement Monday post is a special Space Yoga themed storytelling video that complements our other outer space stories, songs, and games that we have been sharing.

Why Use Yoga in Storytelling?

The combination of yoga and storytelling aids in vocabulary acquisition and retention. Words become associated to specific movements throughout the story. Young learners find movement based activities to be fun and motivating since they closely resemble natural play.

Who Should Use This Video?

Parents and caregivers can play the video and do it with children. Teachers can use it for online or in-person classes. This content is recommended for children 3-7 years old. Older children may also enjoy it if combined with the “Make Your Own Story” extension.

The Space Yoga video contains a series of poses corresponding to different space vocabulary words. You can use these same poses in extension games such as:

  • Musical Statues
    • Play space themed music. When the music stops, call out a space vocabulary word, do the matching pose to start the music again. You can also stop the music, do a pose and ask what vocabulary word it corresponds to,
  • Warm-up / Get the Energy Out / Refocus
    • Set a time during the day or lesson to engage in movement by using the poses from space yoga + numbers. This is a great way to get some exercise and refocus children when they start to get antsy.
  • Make up your own story
    • Have children make up their own space story using the poses (and create new ones)!

Please comment if you have any other ideas of how to extend the use of this video!

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