Dear Zoo

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Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is another children’s classic that is perfect for children 0-5 years old. In the story, a child writes to the zoo asking for a pet. As the zoo sends different animals, you’re sure to roar with laughter. The book is a great introduction to zoo animals as well as a way to review or introduce simple adjectives.

Here are some recommended resources for extension:

Let’s Go to the Zoo Song: Practices Zoo animals and action verbs

Wag Wag Wag Your Tail Song: Practices animal vocabulary and action verbs

Yes, I Can! Song: Practices animal vocabulary, action verbs, and the structure “can”

A combination of Lion  polar bear

Switch Zoo Website (Free): Allows you to make wacky combinations of animals by choosing a head, body, and tail from different animals. This is a great tool for older learners (and their teachers) to practice extensive animal and animal body parts vocabulary. Recommended: ages 5 and up.

Dear Zoo Matching Pairs Online Game (Free): Helps build early maths skills and develops memory.

Recommended: ages 2-5.

My Dear Zoo Pinterest Board: carefully selected activities for teachers and parents!

Dear Zoo Teacher’s Activity Pack (Free)

Dear Zoo Classroom Activity Sheets (Free)

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