Gravity Gulp Challenge

Part of the Scientific Sundays Series

What happens when you drink a glass of water while doing a handstand? Find out how to defy gravity in this challenge!

– glass of water or other liquid that is safe to drink
– straw that bends
– a friend to help you

1. Put the straw in the glass of liquid and set it on the ground.
2. Do a handstand and have a friend bring the glass closer to you.
3. Drink from the straw.

How It’s Possible: The tube that connects your throat to your stomach has muscles that force the liquid to go against gravity and travel up into your stomach! The movement of those muscles is called peristalsis.

Read more about the human digestive system (National Geographic Kids – Recommended for ages 7 and up or for younger kids with their parents)

Build a human digestive system online game (Free) (kids 6 and up)

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