Fun Meteor Counting Game

Fun Meteor Counting Game

Part of the Wacky Wild Card Wednesdays Series

Our first Wacky Wild Card Wednesday activity works on counting skills using your imagination! This game is easy to play and even easier to make.

How to Make the Game:

  • Cut a big hole in a piece of cardboard.
  • Use a glue stick to glue aluminum foil around the cardboard.
  • Use aluminum foil to make small balls that become your “meteors”.
  • Make a rocket with a piece of card board or a toilet paper roll.
  • Find number cards and stick them on the wall with sticky tac or make number cards with cardboard or paper.

This game is perfect for parents to make at home to practice counting skills with their young children as well as for teachers that are focusing on numeracy skills. I have even been able to play this game during my online Zoom classes with young learners. I simply show the student a card and ask them: “What number is it?” If the student doesn’t know the number, I turn the card around and we count the images together. Then, the student counts as I throw the meteors in. Once we get to the magic number, we say: “Blast off!” together and the rocket launches up!

It has been a hit with all of my students ages 3-5!

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