Teacher’s Corner

Ready Set English is your one-stop resource for teaching tips, lesson plans, and workshops.

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Thematic content that you can use in your classes or as inspiration is published regularly in the learn section.

Additionally, there are specific resources just for teachers including:

  • Teaching Trick Tuesdays
    • Every Tuesday, Ready Set English will post a video or blog post with classroom tested methods to make your lessons even more successful. From classroom management strategies, warmers and fillers, to games and much more, Tuesdays will contain a treasure trove of ideas to make teaching easier for you!
    • Ready Set English welcomes contributions from other teachers and opens this space to collaboration between teaching professionals. Contact us if you have an idea you wish to share!
  • Teaching Tool Thursdays
    • Every Thursday, Ready Set English will focus on tools and resources available, on or offline, to make your life as a teacher easier. With the transition to e-learning, the initial focus of Teaching Tool Thursdays will be to highlight technology that can be used to teach online.
  • Events
    • A dedicated section of the homepage updated regularly that offers opportunities for CPD (continuous professional development). Free and low-cost opportunities will be given priority as part of our mission to make learning accessible to everyone!
    • If you know of an interesting opportunity for teaching professionals, contact us and let us know!
    • If you are a professional or organization offering training, contact us to discuss being featured.
  • Lesson Plans (coming soon)
    • Lesson plans that you can download and use in your classes!