Spring Baby Chicks Craft

Part of the Wacky Wild Card Wednesdays Series

Spring Baby Chicks Craft

Have a fun by making your own baby chicks hatching out of their eggs. This craft is really simple and allows for plenty of personalization. I have found it to be a great craft for groups of children varying in age.

colored construction paper in various different colors
egg shaped template (or draw an egg)
small and medium sized circles template (or trace two round objects of different sizes)
glue sticks
googly eyes
feathers (optional)
markers (optional)
glitter glue (optional)

How to Make the Craft:

  1. Use a pencil to trace the templates on different colors of construction paper. You can also make your own template by drawing the three shapes and then turning them into your own template.
  2. Cut out all the eggs and both sizes of circles. Then, cut each egg in half so it looks like it has “hatched”.
  3. Using orange construction paper, cut small triangles to be used later as the beaks.
  4. Model how to make the chick by showing children how to glue the two circles together to make a chick and how to glue the triangle onto the face as the beak. Then, model gluing the bottom part of the chick to one piece of the egg and the back of the chick on top of the other piece of the egg.
  5. Provide each child with one triangular beak, one egg (already cut into 2 pieces) and 2 circles (one big and one small)
  6. Set up a table with the rest of the decorative elements in neat stacks so that children can freely choose how to decorate their masterpiece.
  7. Help as needed, especially if the googly eyes are adhesives since they can be hard to peel off.
  8. Extension Ideas:

    Hold a show and tell and have each child present and talk about their chick.

    Use them in circle time to act out the Five Little Chicks Song.

    Make up your own stories about where the chicks live, their families, etc. You can create habitats to link to the topics of nature or the farm.

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