Drawize – Online Pictionary with a Twist

Drawize – Online Pictionary with a Twist

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drawize - draw and guess game drawise

Drawize (draw and guess) is a free drawing and guessing game available both online and as an APP for Android and IOS. The best feature is that you can create a private room and invite your students. Private rooms also offer the option to set a custom list of vocabulary words that will appear during your game. This makes Drawize the perfect tool for revision of recently taught vocabulary. In order to score points, students must both guess the word and write it correctly so Drawize is also great spelling practice.

The game automatically randomly selects the “drawers” but students are provided 3 choices of what to draw. There is also an option to skip a turn if the student chosen doesn’t wish to draw or feels like they can’t draw any of the words displayed. There is also a time limit for each turn, making the game fast-paced and fun. Finally, students receive more points if they guess correctly before others which offers an element of friendly and motivational competition.

How to Use Drawize in the Classroom

  1. Click play with friends.
  2. Click create a new room – room will be created.
  3. Click the gear icon next to your room code – this will open room settings
  4. Enable Custom words for your room, and enter words related to the topic you are working on. (optional)
  5. Share room code with your students and start having fun.
  6. The game will automatically select a different student to be an artist for each round.

I hope you enjoy using Drawize in your lessons.

This teaching tool was recommended by Gemma A. If you would like to recommend a useful teaching tool, please contact us!

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